Prelit Trees Look Great and Save Time

Prelit artificial Christmas trees have many advantages. So just what are prelit trees?

An electric pre-lit tree is easy to store and very simple to set up. Some of them are referred to as “pull-up” trees because they have a wire frame and a built in, long lasting electrical system. This artificial Christmas tree is collapsed to store flat for easy storage and accessibility. Then when Christmas season arrives, you can instantly raise it up to decorate your house or apartment with its bright lights and other decorations.

Prelit trees come in both indoor and outdoor varieties. Outdoor versions come with sealed waterproof lighting systems and bulbs. Some prelit trees can be used both indoors and outdoors, and may come equipped with an outdoor spike and stakes for outdoor use, and a metal stand for indoor use.

Some prelit trees come with up to 400 individual lights, and the lights can be multi-colored, all clear or all red. Red lights create the impression of berries on the tree.

The first advantage of the prelit tree is the time savings, both in the setup of the tree and in the planning. You do not have to make any new decisions each year, just set the prelit tree in its location and you are one your way to taking care of the other tasks to fill your home with holiday cheer. Of course, you may also add some additional decorations each Christmas season, but it is not necessary.

Prelit trees do not usually require much maintenance. Be sure to choose an artificial Christmas tree that comes with spare bulbs. You may lose or break a few bulbs in the process of setting up and taking down the tree, plus the ones the kids may break or the dog might chew off. Since you want to keep your tree investment for a number of years, be sure to have access to replacement bulbs, even if you need to purchase some later.

Prelit artificial Christmas trees are sold in two main types: those that have hinges for the branches and those that do not. Hinged branches are permanently attached to the tree and may cost a bit more. The unhinged type take more set up time, and you have to attaché the branch to the main pole.

A beautiful and unique look you can create for your home is the use of small prelit trees that line the walkway. Imagine the charming look of these small trees glowing softly as the snow falls during Christmas time. Choose prelit threes that are about two feet tall to create this effect.

Prelit tabletop trees add a charming aspect to other rooms in your house, in addition to the primary tree that is the focus of your Christmas celebration. Consider adding tabletop trees to you kitchen, entrance and bedrooms where these is limited space but an opportunity to add warmth to the household.

Just like other kinds of artificial trees, the prelit ones come in an incredible variety of sizes and colors to suit most anyone’s living situation, space and décor. In the last few decades, the design and manufacture of the best artificial Christmas trees has advanced to the point where they look very realistic. A prelit artificial tree is truly something that you can be proud to include in your holiday celebrations.

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